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What vehicle registration number should I enter when prompted?

This is currently a free text field, this should be agreed within your own organisation about what is required for this field.

Why doesn't the screen on my device go to sleep by itself when I am using Mosaiq Go?
In order for Mosaiq Go to submit vehicle location updates the screen must remain on and with the Mosaiq Go application in the foreground. For this reason, the application forces the device screen to stay awake while Mosaiq Go is in use.

Note: this will have an impact on battery performance, so we recommend the device be connected to a power supply while in use on a vehicle.

When asked to enter my mobile phone number it tells me “The entered phone number is not registered. 
Please check the number and try again”.
In this situation you should contact your organization's admin and they can confirm your mobile phone number has been added correctly in the Mosaiq Live portal with a “Driver” role type.

What is this code being sent in a SMS to me and what is 
the “Hash” part?
This is the verification code that a Mosaiq Go user will be 
prompted to enter when signing in to the Mosaiq Go application. The [Hash: nnnnnnnnn] part can be disregarded.

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