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Unscheduled trip

When scheduled trip is unavailable or doesn’t meet your requirements you can create an unscheduled trip. An example of this would be rail replacement services or bus bridging. Once an unscheduled trip has started it will start generating heartbeats.

How to start an Unscheduled trip

Image 1.png

Starting an unscheduled trip can be accessed through the Trip screen. If the desired trip does not appear on the map or through a search, an unscheduled trip can be created through selecting - Start unscheduled trip (1).

Establishing a starting location

Image 2.png
  • To establish your starting location, move the map to drop a pin to establish your starting location (1) or search for a location in the search box (2)

  • Confirm your current location (3)

Image 3.png
  • Once the location is confirmed you can select Start trip (1)

Because the location point is manually selected, the usual path with stop locations with not be shown as it would with a scheduled trip. When the trip is ended a final stop will be created for the trips details log.

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