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Cookies and privacy policy

We use cookies to continuously improve your experience in the Mosaiq Transit Intelligence Suite. Some of the cookies used are essential for you to use the products, such as accessing areas with secure content. These cookies are always active and cannot be switched off.

Optional analytics cookies collect information about how you use the Mosaiq products, such as which pages you visited and which links you clicked on, with the sole purpose to improve how our products function. You can choose to switch these cookies off. 

Optional cookies are specific to each product used, so if you wish to switch them all off or all on, this will need to be done in both Mosaiq Insights and Mosaiq Live.

Setting your privacy preferences

You can set your privacy settings when you first enter the app, by accepting or rejecting the cookie banner pop-up (1) when it appears whilst using Mosaiq Insights or Mosaiq Live.

Viewing and changing your privacy preferences

You can also view and change your privacy settings by clicking on privacy settings located at the bottom of the left navigation bar (1).

Under the section “Optional analytics cookies” (2) set the switch to on or off, as per your preference.

Click “save preferences”.

  • To exit “Privacy Settings” and return to the main screen:

  • Mosaiq Insights - click KPI Dashboard in the left navigation bar.

  • Mosaiq Live – click map in the left navigation bar.

Locating Mosaiq Insights privacy policy

  • Click **Privacy settings** to the bottom of the left navigation bar (1).

  • Click the “Privacy Policy” link (2).

A new browser window will open containing the Mosaiq Insights privacy policy.

Alternatively follow this link to view our privacy policy:

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