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What is Mosaiq Insights?

Mosaiq Insights is an analytics tool for your public transit network. It compares your scheduled vehicle data with real-time vehicle information to help you understand and improve the performance of your public transit network.

To use Mosaiq Insights you will need a couple things:

  • Your current GTFS Schedule dataset (schedules and topology information).

  • A real time vehicle location data feed (e.g. GTFS-RT, SIRI VM, Mosaiq Go) that come from each of your vehicles.

We’ve built Mosaiq Insights to meet a few different goals:

  • Collaboration: we’ve made it easy for any user in your organisation to see at a glance how your network is performing, so they can quickly analyse, understand and share accurate transit insights.

  • Confidence: it can be hard to know what’s happening behind the scenes, so we’ve made it easier to trust your data. The data quality indicator tells you exactly how many journeys are being matched against their schedules.

  • Consolidation: by pulling all your data together into one place, we’re making it easier to analyse and report on – whether that's to your team, management, or DfT.

Mosaiq Insights is designed to help you dive into the data, surfacing network issues at a high level, which you can then follow down to the services themselves.

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