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Service details view

The Service details view is a deeper dive into the data on the Services list page.

  • As indicated in the left hand navigation bar (1) you’re still on the Services list page, but at a deeper level of data.

  • The breadcrumb at the top shows how the two data views are linked (2).

  • Return to the Services list screen by clicking Services list in the breadcrumb if you want to change the service you’ve selected or click again on the already active Services list icon in the left navigation bar.

  • Two icons will appear to help highlight the Avg. early or late time for a stop if the below conditions are met:

    • An orange icon will appear if the average early or late threshold is above 175% (3)

    • A red icon will appear if the average early or late threshold is above 200% (4)

Service information panel - All Variants

Image 2.png

All the information in this left-hand section relates directly to the selected service as a whole, and reflects the data you clicked in the Services List:

  • Service name, variants, operator and direction (1).

  • KPI results (2).

  • On time performance - showing the aggregated on time performance for the first or last stop of this service, this screen will always default to the first stop (3).

  • Scheduled, matched count, matched percent, cancelled, part cancelled, no data (4).

  • View Journeys button - which takes you to the Journeys page (5).

As this data is at the service level, any filter changes we make in the table to the right will be reflected here.

Any date range selected on the Services List will carry through to the Service Details screen.

Inbound + outbound will add up to the total numbers for that service.

What am I looking at?

There are a few areas across the top of the screen to have a look at here:

  • The date range picker for dialling in the time period you’re interested in – if you selected a date range on the services list view, this will be reflected here (1).

  • Additional data filters for the stop-level information (2).

 Share your view with other Insights users by clicking ”share” and copying the link (3).

Any date range selected on the Services List will carry through to the Service Details screen.

About the Service Details view

Image 4.png
  • Click on a column header to filter the data by any of the columns. (only available for all variants) When a filter has been applied, the selected column will have an arrow appear next to it which indicates which way the data is filtered – lowest to highest (arrow up) or highest to lowest (arrow down) (1)

  • Each column has a tool tip explaining the data being displayed. Hover over the column header to view the tooltip for more information about the data held in the column and how it’s calculated (2).

  • Use the horizontal scroll handle at the bottom of the page to access the full data table (3).

The performance data you can see above is displayed by stop and with a variety of data points.

Calculated from the matched stop-level data:

  • Early by count / percentage

  • Average early time

  • Late by count / percentage

  • Average late time

  • On time by count / percentage

Calculated from the schedule data:

  • First stop count

  • Last stop count

  • Timing points count

Data in the Punctuality On time performance chart before 4th September 2023 will be missing or look unusual as the chart first started gathering data on 4th of September 2023

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