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Journey view

The journey view shows in-depth details of a journey as well as the on-time performance, heartbeats, and passenger sentiment on a map.

The side bar

The side bar shows important identifying and performance information for the trip:

  • Journey Date (1)

  • Journey Scheduled time (2)

  • Journey name (3)

  • Status (4) - The status can be:

    • Matched - at least one instance of real-time data (a heartbeat from a vehicle) has been matched against a journey from the GTFS Schedule dataset.

    • No data - no instances of heartbeats (real-time data) have been received to match a scheduled journey in the GTFS

    • Cancelled - If a trip has been cancelled (whether it happens before, after or during the trip) it counts as a cancellation if no heartbeats have been matched to that trip.

    • Part Cancelled - If a trip has been cancelled but has been matched to at least one heartbeat of a trip it will be counted as part cancelled.

Image 2a.png

The (11) First stop and (12) Last stop icons in the sidebar are dynamic and match what is shown on the map. It can be one of the OTP values:

Image 2b.png

Choosing layers on the map

These data points can be toggled through the “Map layers” dropdown for customised combinations.

The “Early”, “On time”, “Late” and “Not detected” buttons next to the “Map layers” dropdown will toggle visibility for these timing points.

Icons on the map are all selectable and will show the relevant information for that timing point, stop, heartbeat, or passenger feedback.

If icons can’t be selected due to overlap, zooming in with the map should help make these icons individually selectable.

Deselecting all options will show the journey shape (if available)

Stop pop-up

Clicking on a stop will show the ID, name, scheduled time, actual arrival time and the status or OTP

Heartbeat pop-up

Clicking on a heartbeat will show the Vehicle ID and Time of the heartbeat

Passenger sentiment

Clicking on a passenger sentiment icon will show the time it was captured, the question that was asked and the received response.

Multiple icons can be selected on the map to compare information to clear the pop ups deselect the corresponding icon in the “Map layers” dropdown

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