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Exporting data

It is possible to export data from some reports within Mosaiq Insights to comma-separated (.csv) files. This functionality is available whenever there is an “Export” button in the top right of the screen (1) between the “?” icon (for this Knowledge Base) and the “Share” button.

Filter selections made at the top of the screens (ie date range, operators, services, variant) will influence what data is included in an export (2), and the current sort order will be applied.

Image 1.png

The files generated will be named as follows and downloaded to your browsers default download location:


Where the data displayed on screen in Mosaiq Insights for the chosen filter selection(s) is split across multiple pages, all pages will be included in the exported .csv file. In the

In the example screenshot above, “Export” will produce a file called:


It will contain data for the month of May 2023 for “All Operators” and “All Services”. It will be sorted by Punctuality - descending, and contain 54 rows.

Export functionality is currently available on the following screens:

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