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Journeys shows an overview of all the individual journeys for the selected service.

Accessing the Journeys

You can access the Journeys via the Services list on the far right by selecting the Journeys icon (1) or within the Service details list and selecting the Journeys icon in the sidebar (2).

Overview of Journeys settings

Viewing data for more than a month on Journeys is currently unavailable.

  • The Calendar (1) has the same behaviour as with all the other screens as does the arrows which change the pre-set date range (2).

  • First stop/Last stop dropdown will show the On-time performance (OTP) for the first stop and last stop for individual journeys (3).

  • Inbound/Outbound variant - This will show inbound or outbound variant (4) depending on what is corresponding to the variant dropdown (5) this text box will show the name of the variant selected, if no variants are selected by default it will display “All variants” (6).

  • Service name (7).

  • Operator name (8).

  • The amount and percentage of trips matched (9).

  • Punctuality (10).

  • Reliability (11).

  • Data quality indicator (12).

If you want to clear your filters quickly at any point, click **refresh** (13).

  • Date can be sorted by ascending or descending (1).

  • Matched button has two functions:

    • Selecting the left side of the button will hide all the matched journeys to highlight the journeys that have no data (2).

    • Selecting the right side of the button will allow OTP to be filtered and highlighted (3).

  • No data - This button will hide or show the no data journeys (4).

  • Cancelled - This button will show or hide cancellations. (5).

  • Passenger sentiment - This button will show if any passenger sentiment was captured on the trip (6).

Hovering over an individual journey provides the scheduled time (1) actual time (2) the variant name (3) and the journey ID (4) clicking the individual journey will bring you to the Journey view for that selected trip.

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